What to Expect from a Newly Acquired Ferret

When a new ferret comes into the home, it’s going to be very excited and run to check out everything. Once it’s finished checking out everything, the ferret will usually find a place to sleep and then sleep hard. It will usually sleep more than normal for two to three days.

Any change in environment is stressful to a ferret. A stressed ferret can get sick easily. The ferret sleeps more than normal to give the body a chance to de-stress and keep from getting sick.

During the first few days, do not awaken the ferret to play or to show it off. Let it sleep as much as it wants.

Do NOT take the ferret anywhere or do anything different with it (like bathing, changing food, rearranging cage, etc.). Let it be at home where it can be calm, sleep and not be under any more stress. If possible, do not introduce other non-ferret pets to the new ferret for several days, to keep the stress to a minimum.

If you are introducing to another ferret and the introduction doesn’t go well, then wait several days before trying again so that it doesn’t increase the stress level for the new ferret.

The ferret may also have diarrhea for several days. This is normal and the body’s way of dealing with stress. The diarrhea may even be bright green. Bright green diarrhea should be for a day or two at the most. The diarrhea itself can last for several days. The ferret should still be eating and drinking during this time. If the ferret is not eating and drinking, then contact a vet’s office or the rescue where you got the ferret. A ferret can get a bacterial infection from stress and may need to be seen by a veterinarian.