Ways to Entertain your Ferret

A ferret must get a lot of play time and stimulation, mental and physical.   Ferrets do not get stimulation in the cage, so they must have a lot of time out of it.  The younger the ferret, the more stimulation it needs.   

Stimulation includes:   Playing with other ferrets, humans & other animals

Having different things to play in (grocery bags, boxes, pillowcases, pillows in pillowcases, tote bags, shoes, etc.)

Tubes to run through (clear plastic ferret tubing, long cardboard tubes [free from Lowe’s or Home Depot in the carpet department], plastic ridged underground drainage tubing (cheap at the hardware store)

Toys to play with and hide.  You need to take them from the hiding place every one two days.

You rearranging things

Mats and sheets to burrow under, etc.

Tubs with rice, beans or macaroni to dig in

Containers with plastic pit balls, synthetic corks or starch peanuts to play in

Bubble wrap

Air pillows in a box

Boxes or tape several boxes together with holes cut in them so they can get from box to box.

They get bored with the same thing, so keep things changed.   If you have several plastic bags out for them to play with, change it to paper bags for a few days.   Throw a pillow from the bed on the floor and let them explore it.   My ferrets check out every bag of stuff I bring home (after I remove anything they can hurt or that can hurt them).   They love rooting through everything to see what they can find.

Ferrets, by nature, are very inquisitive animals. Prevent boredom with these fun ideas!

Crochet eggs (Easter eggs, sealed with rice or bell inside, with crochet exterior)
Firecracker toys (clean vitamin bottles w/ rice or bell, wrap and tie fleece/flannel outside)
Plasic grocery bags (crinkle noise)
Sheets and Pillow Cases to burrow in
Cardboard boxes with holes
Many types of cat toys
Small stuffed animals
Tubes (large diameter please!)
Starch packing peanuts in a box
Rice (NOT instant!) in a box to dig in
Flannel blankets to burrow in