Stress and Ferrets

If your ferret is stressed from anything – arriving or going to a new home, moving, vet visit, new ferret, new person or pet in the home, having had a bath, trip outside of the house, etc. – do not do anything else to stress it for a few days. Extra stress can be enough to push the ferret over the edge and cause it to get a stress induced bacterial infection.

Don’t scrub down the room and change everything, then give the ferret a bath or do anything else stressful on top of it. Keep it calm.

Any time the ferret has been stressed, it will likely sleep more than normal. Let it sleep as much as it wants. This is its body’s way of protecting it and keeping it from getting sick. The ferret may also have stress induced diarrhea for a day or so. If the diarrhea is constant or infrequent diarrhea lasts more than two days, it should be seen by a vet.

Long term stress can result in an ulcer, which can be very hard to treat and be life threatening.