Sick and Injured Ferret Stories

Every Ferret Has a Story

Not every ferret that comes to the shelter has a clean bill of health. Often, this is their only chance after suffering under neglect. Here are just a few of the ferrets that have been helped in their healing with a big THANK YOU for those who have stepped forward time and time again to help specifically in these dire cases.

*WARNING* Some of the images on this page might be disturbing.

Petey has adrenal disease and lymphoma, but more pressing was the tumor behind his left eye. (He also arrived with a bacterial/intestinal problem.) The pressure was very uncomfortable for him, and the best option to increase his quality of life was the September 2013 removal of the left eye. He is now affectionately known as Petie the Pirate. Look at how alert he is now! (Hospice status at the shelter.)

Maline Maline arrived with an extemely swollen leg she was no longer able to use and also has adrenal disease. It was determined that she had bone cancer in the leg and it was drained to reduce some of the pressure. She had surgery in September 2013 to remove her leg and shoulder and adapted quicker than expected. She’s quick and happily resides at a sanctuary now.

Cirque Everything possible was done to save Cirque in the 8 days she was at the shelter in 2013. With around the clock care and many prayers, she stole many hearts through her journey. She did put on weight as seen in the pictures below, but ultimately was not able to recover from her malnourishment. You can see how much improvement she did make as she ate and as the wound on her head healed. This was a very hard goodbye.

Scotch had a cat bite on his neck that was not treated for several weeks. He was being kept in a small cage in a shed outside. Three surgeries later and he was fine. (June 2012)