Prolapsed Rectum

Occasionally a ferret will get a prolapsed anus or rectum. Anal
prolapse is when the lining of the rectum protrudes. Rectal prolapse is
when anal tissue and lining protrude. The ferret is straining to
defecate and this causes the rectum to push out. Causes can be defecating frequently from diarrhea, dehydration,
straining to defecate from a hairball or blockage, a bacterial
infection, proliferative colitis, tumors, surgery, or other things. Apply Preparation H combined with .5% Cortisone cream after each bowel
movement, at least three times a day. Anusol HC-1 combines the
hemorroid medication with the cortisone cream. In bad situations, a
stitch suture may be needed. The key is to find the cause and take care of this. If the ferret has a
prolapsed anus from having had diarrhea and is getting better, this
should clear up on its own. Any other reason for a prolapsed anus
requires a trip to the vet. A prolapsed rectum must be seen by the vet,
as it is more serious and can result in internal infection.