Below is a list of questions. Please answer beside the questions and
send back to me. Thank you. Names of people interested in fostering.
Your phone # and city where you live.
Your age and the age of anyone who will be around the ferret.
Are you a student?
Are there smokers in the household?
Does everyone in your household agree with you getting a ferret?
Are there or will there be children in the household? If so, what ages?
Is anyone in the house handicapped (physically or mentally)? If so, in
what way?
Do you own or rent your home?
Is your home a house, apartment or trailer?
How long have you been in your home?
If you rent, how long do you expect to be in this home and what is the
landlord’s name and #?
Does your home have air conditioning?
Is there a recliner or rocking chair in the home?
Are you expecting any changes in your life in the next six months (move,
baby, new pet, etc.)?
Are there any pets in your household? If so, what kind and how old?
Name of vet you use for any pets you have now.
Where do you plan to put the cage for the ferret you want to foster?
How much time will the ferret have out of the cage?
How much play time will the ferret actually have with a human?
Can you get the ferret to the rescue in Acworth, GA as needed?
Can you get the ferret to the rescue vet when the ferret is sick?
Will you agree to a home visit prior to fostering?
If someone from Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue plans to be in your area
and it is convenient for you, will you agree to letting the ferret be
checked at that time?
Provide the name and phone # of one person as a reference for your
interactions with animals.