Baby Ferrets

Baby ferrets are usually better off in a home with another ferret. There are a few that will be okay going to a home as the only ferret. Ferrets are usually very socialable with other ferrets. They play and sleep together. Most of the time, if you separate them from another ferret and they want to be with other ferrets, they will actually go into a depression. It is hard for a human to provide a ferret with the amount of stimulation and play time that is needed.

A baby ferret should have a minimum of eight hours of day out of the cage to run and play and at least be out two different times a day. Time out should not just be in a bedroom. They must be able to run and interact in other areas of the house. Human interaction with a single ferret needs to be an absolute minimum of three hours a day. While that sounds doable, in my experience it works for a while, but then people have other things to do and don’t want to spend several hours a day with the ferret and don’t want to hassle with letting a ferret out for that long each day, especially when it involves cleaning up after the ferret in other areas besides the cage.