Documents and Links

Items to have on hand in case of illness
Ferrets and Children
Ferrets and Biting
What to do if you discover fleas Basic Ferret Info
American Ferret Association
FML – Ferret Mailing List
Ferret Magazine
10 tips for new ferret owners
Medical History Worksheet – Keep your ferret(s) information neatly organized.
Alternate health record form
Ferret Manual– written by Richard K. Bossart, 2001.
Sukie’s List
Finding a Lost Ferret Nutrition
Holistic Ferret boards – Excellent information and help for converting to raw diet
Isn’t the ferret just a smaller cat? – The answer is NO!
Food Chart via Medical Information
Ferret Symptom Chart
First Aid – via
How to help a choking ferret
Mast Cell Tumors – January 1999
Insulinoma – 1995 – General Information / Tumors – a big thank you for their support to the shelter with their blood glucose tests! Get Involved
Register to be a foster home fo a pet of deployed military personel! Humor
9 tips for ferrets
20 Reasons people think you are a crazy ferret person
A night with ferrets
How to wrap a present with ferrets in the house
Ferret Calories
Inside your Dog’s and Cat’s Brain
Smart dog on Mario Lopez’s show General Living Information
Germs in your home – 2006
House Safety
Story of Edith Burns Past Shelter Newsletters
August 2011 – KMFR – Soup, Signs to go to vet
April 2011 – KMFR – Ulcers, PeePads
December 2010 – KMFR – The 1st newsletter, head tilt